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Roll Crushers

Roll Crushers

FTM roll crushers can be used for primary and secondary crushing of mineral coal, clay, marl, limestone and similar raw materials as well as for overburden and ores.They are simple in design and construction, long-lasting, economical, and versatile.The roll crusher is driven by the driving chain of the speed reducer. It is mainly composed of fixed roller, movable roller, machine frame, shield, protecting guard. The machine power comes out of motor v-belt, which makes the two rollers rotate through the speed reducer chain, with the result of crushed materials.

Double Roller Crusher

This improved roll crusher with mightiness and high efficiency is developed out by our senior mining research worker through improving the roll pressure, roll rotation and materials. Double roller crushers have the following features, smooth operation and big reduction ratio.They are applicable for crushing middle-hard and extra-hard rocks, granite, pebble, carborundum, silicon carbide, high-alumina clinker, etc. At the present, it is the ideal sand making machine.


Fixed roller and movable roller; The roller is the main parts for crushing materials. It consists of shaft, cranked axle, taper pan, roll milling, chain wheel, bearing, bearing end closure and rolling contact bearing, etc.There is spine for connecting the two naves on the shaft of fixed and movable roller. The wheel is put on the cave, one shaft end on the wheel chain. There is unstrained tapered roller bearing on both sides of roll milling.Another crushing part is roll milling. On the surface there are mirror model and slot model determined by the actual condition. Due to its direct contact with materials, it is the easily damaged parts. After the heating treatment, the roll milling with ZG50Mn2 materials has the advantages of firmness, durability and easy to dismantle.When the material that can not be crushed goes to the machine chamber, the roller can move outside by spring's function and make the space bigger between the rollers to avoid destroying the machine.

Movable device; There is movable device on the movable roller. During the machine operation, if the hard to crushed materials or metal which cannot go through the two rollers drop into the machine, it is necessary to put the movable device for the machine safety.

Machine body; The machine body is welded by angle iron and steel plate. The body is fixed on the under frame. It makes the working surface of two rollers become closed shape so as to prevent the materials drop out of the machine.

The cover connecting with the wheel; The long cover connecting with the wheel is welded by the steel plate and angle steel. It is fixed to the chassis by screws.

The chain transmitting device  The main structure of of chain transmitting device includes: under frame, fixed roller, wheel cover, supporting bearing and adjusting device etc.Two roller covers are fixed the two rotating shafts by flat keys. At the two sides of the shaft, there are two bearings supported and equipped with the machine.

Tooth Roll Crusher

Toothed roll crusher is mainly divided into double-tooth roll crusher and four-tooth roll crusher. In the crushing operation of coal, mine and construction, the double-tooth roll crusher is used more widely. According to the market demand in recent years, the double-tooth roller crusher is mainly used for the crushing of coal, coal gangue, limestone, coke and other materials. The unique crushing teeth with spiral distribution of toothed roller crusher makes the materials better be bite, then the two crushing roller grind materials at the same time, the material instantly broken in the crushing teeth under high pressure, which reduces the wear of parts and increases the production efficiency, so the toothed roll crusher is the first choice of crushing equipment for power plants currently.

Double roll crusher VS Toothed roll crusher


Double Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher

Application area

building materials, refractory materials, medium and high hardness materials

coal, mineral, chemical industry, etc. especially suitable for crushing raw coal

Operating principle

Roller crusher works with the principle of low speed and high pressure for roller extrusion.

In the process of production, the toothed roller crusher can enter into the v-type crushing chamber of the two rolls, which will collide with the high speed rotating toothed roller, thus achieving the purpose of material crushing.

Product Structure

The double roll crusher is composed of the machine frame, base, fixed roller, movable roller, transmission device, insurance device and other components.

Toothed roller crusher is composed of main drive toothed roller, reducer, hydraulic coupling, electrical machine, electrical fuel supply pump, passive toothed roller, bow toothed plate, edge toothed plate, edge toothed plate holder, lower engine block and tachometer.

Product feature

low noise, less dust, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on.

higher productivity, uniform particle size, low over-crushing rate, convenient maintenance, sensitive overload protection, safety and reliability, etc.

Product granularity

The granularity of crushed material is finer by means of extrusion and friction.

The toothed roller is used to break the material, and the material is granular and the particle size is relatively coarse.

Customers can choose the roll crusher according to the application field and the requirements of the final product. Our company can also design a reasonable production line free of charge for your project, and provide superior after-sales service.

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