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Symons Cone Crusher

Is Your Symons Cone Crusher Sick?

2017/12/20 admin

More than 100 medical experts have conducted a decade-long study and summarized three main causes of human disease. The first one is the accumulation of toxins in the body, the second one is the disorder metabolic system disorder in human body, the third one is nutrient deficiency or imbalance. If one person is sick, his ability to resist germs is impaired. There will be many negative effects such as the depression, physical pain, loss of appetite, etc.

In the same principle, if our Symons cone crushers are sick, there will be some problems in the production process of symons crushers. Of course, it will give us a certain amount of loss. Therefore, we need to consult the maintenance specialist of Symons cone crushers to help us analyze the cause.

In order to be able to help users smoothly carry out the crushing work of symons crushers, next, FTM engineers will analyze the corresponding causes of several common faults during the Symons cone crushers production.

Fault one: Excessive oil temperature in Symons cone crushers


1. The lubricating oil used by your Symons cone crushers are in poor quality;

2. The amount of lubricating oil left in your Symons cone crushers is insufficient;

3. Its bearing is damaged, and the serious friction causes the excessive oil temperature.

Method of faults exclusion:

a. Replace the oil with new lubricating oil that matches your Symons cone crushers.

b. Timely supply the lubricating oil for your cone crusher machine.

c. Check the damage degree of Symons cone crushers bearing in time. If the damage is not serious, we should do the protection treatment for it. If the damage is too severe, replace a new bearing in time.

Fault two:There is an abnormal sound made by the Symons cone crushers.


1. Symons crushers are not installed properly, so each part of symons crushers is failure to operate according to the normal track;

2. Some parts of the Symons cone crushers have been badly worn;

3. Some fastener is loose;

4. Its discharge port is jammed.

Method of faults exclusion:

1.We need to check the installation of Symons cone crushers after a round of production, to see which part of the installation is improper, and then adjust it timely.

2. For the reason 2 and 3, we should stop the machine production timely. Replace the corresponding parts for Symons cone crushers and tighten the fasteners.

3. For reason 4, when the current materials are completely crushed, stop the equipment power. We should find the blockage and clear it quickly. Meanwhile, we also need to analyze the causes of blockage, such as whether the material is too moist, the feeding speed is not uniform, or the hydraulic cavity cleaning system of Symons cone crushers is invalid.

Fault three: The dust-proof device of Symons cone crushers is not effective.

Reasons: A large amount of dust in the bow-type tile of water-seal anti-dust device results in the failure of its sealing system.

Method of faults exclusion: After the shutdown, we should ask one skilled operator to clean the corresponding parts.

Since we have found the reason for symons crushers failure, we can act appropriately to the situation to cure the sick of our Symons cone crushers. We can also do more summarizations in the daily operation. Only with more experience, the common failure of Symons cone crushers may be a piece of cake for us.

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