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Dry Ball Mill

Dry Ball Mill

FTM dry ball mill machine is usually used in some minerals afraid of water for fine grinding such as cement, silicate and other materials, there are also some areas where they have to use dry ball mill because of the drought or water inconvenience. When the dry ball mill works, the material is discharged by ventilation mode or natural material discharging way, the suitable feed granularity is about 6 mm.Dry ball mill is designed with the horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the outer gear transmission, two grate-type warehouses, the grindable materials entering ball mill's cavity are ground in dry type. The main bearing of dry ball mill is designed with double-sided aligning spherical roller bearing, which greatly reduces the energy consumption, besides the engine body and chassis of ball mill grinder are overall structure, they can be placed at once during installation.But the feeding material cannot be high moisture, otherwise, the material will bond together with poor discharge.


Simple structure and flexible configuration; Dry ball mill can be used for grinding clinker and gypsum in the grinding chamber,after that directly sent into the finished-parts storage. It's also applied to the circular grinding system composed with powder selecting machine, cement fineness can get good control.

Good fine-grinding effect, high production efficiency; Dry ball mill machine has the characteristics of strong adaptability to material, continuous production, easy adjustment of product's fineness.

Large capacity; The dry ball mill retains end cover structure form of ordinary mill, its large diameter inlet and outlet increase handling capacity.

Dry Ball Mill VS Wet Ball Mill


Dry ball mill

Wet ball mill

Applicable Materials

Avoid water mineral, such as: cement

Most of the wettable minerals such as: gold ore, copper ore, etc.

Structural Property

The outlet is a straight-shape drum. It also has wind-leading and dust removal device.

It has trumpet-shaped outlet and built-in screw device, which is convenient for discharging.

Investment Prospect

Dry ball mill must be equipped with a set of wind system, needing more auxiliary equipment.

Less auxiliary equipment, material transportation device is simple, so its investment is lower than dry ball mill.

Working Pattern

Can not add water, the materials are only suitable for the external cooling, it is more used for cement grinding production line.

Can add water during the grinding process, it's more suitable for mine ore dressing operation.

Energy Consumption

It has high requirement in the water content of the material, needing more auxiliary equipment, so the energy consumption is higher than the wet ball mill.

Wet ball mill has low requirement for working environment, easy maintenance with low energy consumption.

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