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Wet Ball Mill

Wet Ball Mill


The wet ball mill has two types as follow: grid type and overflow type.The grain size limit of the grinding mill is usually 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, so it is commonly used in the first segment. The particle size of the grinding mill is generally less than 0.2mm, so it is suitable for the second grinding of the middle product in the two-stage grinding process. The grid-type ball mill can discharge the qualified product in time, reduce the crushing of the ore, the grinding efficiency of it is higher, the unit processing quantity is about 15% higher than other overflow type ball mill with the same specification, and the ball quantity is more. When the particle size needs to be ground to 48-65 uniform product, it is better to choose the grate ball mill. The concentrator can be selected according to the grain size.

Features and Strengths:

Optimize the machine structure and the failure rate is low; It improves the transmission device, makes the maintenance and maintenance of the reducer and gear more convenient, reduces the downtime of maintenance and maintenance, and the labor intensity of the operator, and the operation is stable and reliable.

High strength gear and lining, reduce maintenance cost; The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the lining can be changed, and the rotary gear is made of the rolling teeth of the castings. The barrel has a wear-resisting lining board, which has good wear resistance.

Feed material and increase production capacity; While optimizing feeding port, reasonable design of the feeding port, customers can choose the iron tool according to their own needs.

High grinding efficiency and low dust; The lining and grinding bodies adopt special materials, ultra-fine grinding machine and classifier to form closed system, negative pressure conveying effectively reduces dust.

Working Principle:

The motor drives tube rotary by the reducer, the ore and steel ball that in the tube is lifted to a certain height by line an effect of force of friction and centrifugal force. As a result of gravity, ore and steel ball shed and pour down. It is crushed gradually on effect of impact and grind.The ore crushed is discharged through output part.And then the ore is classified into proper product by spiral classifier, and grit goes on grinding by ball mill through Combine feeder. It works like this. The ball mill is grinding equipment that works continuous 24 hours.

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