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Drum Dryer

Drum Dryer

The drum dryer is one of the most commonly used equipment carrying out drying dehydration on the larger water content material, as a kind of high-efficient horizontal drying machine, during the operation, the material is fully heated by the rotation of the cylinder and the lifting plate drives the material sufficiently completing heat exchange with the high-temperature flue gas .Single drum dryer is suitable for drying clay, slag, coal powder, plant scale etc. After years of technical accumulation, Fote drum dryer has many advantages.


High degree of mechanization, strong production capacity; The use of rotary cylinder design makes feeding, drying and discharging operation automated.

Low failure rate, continuous production; The drum and wheel support are integrated and processed with reasonable structure and stable operation.

High thermal efficiency, good drying effect; The whole sealing property is good, the heat can be reused and the lifting plate with multi-angle rotation makes the material fully heated.

Wide application range, low maintenance cost; The single drum dryer is suitable for a variety of mineral and non-mineral solid materials, regular cleaning can ensure good operation for a long time.

Working Principle 

The main body of a drum dryer is a rotating drum with a certain inclined degree and also equipped with combustion chamber, exhaust, dust collector, feeding device, etc. The utility model uses high-temperature smoke as a drying medium and the materials are sucked into the drum dryer machine under the suction of the exhaust device. Wet materials are sent into the dryer tube of rotary dryer by feeding device and contact with high- temperature flue gas. High-temperature flue gas transfers heat to wet materials by convection, radiation and conduction, when the materials are heated, water evaporates into the drying medium, which is the mass transfer process.
In the process of heat transfer and mass transfer, due to the material motion along with the rotation of drum dryer's tube, from high-end to low-end. By the driving of the exhaust gas, the gas flows from high pressure to low pressure, in the process of movement, the material is dried and discharged. Outside the rotary dryer, the waste gas is removed dust by the dust collecting, finally out to the atmosphere.


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