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Cement Mill

Cement Mill


FTM Cement mill is a kind of ball mill which is designed for the cement industry.It mainly used as the third-stage grinding equipment for cement clinker and other ingredients, also suitable for silicate, building materials, glass ceramics and other materials. By rational edge transmission and center transmission in two ways, the material into the grading board, with the rotation of the cylinder, the material with gravity drop and steel ball grinding and pounding, eventually forming ideal products. It can produce products in the dry process or wet process, and can also do grinding and drying operation at the same time.


Low humidity requirement to material and various means of production; Dry grinding and wet grinding are well adapted, and cement Miller can also do a simultaneous operation with drying equipment.

Simple structure and saving energy ;The streamlined design reduces the ventilation resistance and it's easy to discharge material to reduce production cost.

High production efficiency and large output; The improvement of the special lining board structure and the lubrication among parts has greatly improved the production efficiency of slag and cement.

Small footprint and convenient transportation;Compact structure and small volume make transportation more convenient between production sites.

Environmental design, long service life of quick-wear part;The cement grinding machine is equipped with dust removal system and friendly to the environment. High strength casting and reasonable structure reduce wearing degree of vulnerable parts.

Ordinary cement mill VS Advanced cement mill

Cement mill can be divided into ordinary cement mill, high fine and high yield cement mill

The ordinary cement mill mostly used in the closed-circuit grinding system, the characteristics of ordinary cement mill are high efficiency, large mill production, energy saving, especially the performance is more prominent when grinding slag and cement. The ordinary cement grinder than the general grinder yield increased by 15-20%, the power consumption is reduced by about 10%, in addition, the product temperature can decrease 20℃ to 40℃ and product fineness is also easy to adjust.

High fine and high yield cement mill is mostly used in the open-circuit grinding system, with many features such as systemic equipment, simple process flow, small investment and the workshop covers less area. On the structure of mill, it adopts advanced compartment for inner selection powder, increases the activation device in the fine grinding storehouse and special feeding grate plate at the end of the mill. These devices minimize grinding media size in grinding storehouse, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, to achieve the goal of high output, low energy consumption.

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