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Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen


FTM Drum screen is the equipment based on meet the power plant, building materials, mining and other industries the demand of the development which specially used for screening coal mine stone, sandstone, ores and other solid materials. It was made by the hexagonal roller, the frame, the funnel, the reducer and the motor. Drum screen with the novel structure that effectively avoids the problem of other types of screen mesh sieving equipment easy to jam in the screening of wet and sticky, miscellaneous materials. It improves the stability of the screening system and screening efficiency effectively. Therefore it has become the first choice model in the field of stone crushing industry.


Reasonable design, simple structure and convenient maintenance; The removal of the bottom is very fast.
Stable operation and high productivity; Sift the material directly after the material enters the roller screen without repeating the loading.
The unique design of sieve mesh and high screening rate; The sieve mesh that made by special steel with advantages of strong wear-resisting. It is not easy to plug while screening wet, sticky material.
Movable design and wide range of adaptation; It is used in various kinds of projects to screen sand stone, coal and other solid materials. At the same time, it enjoys high automation efficiency contributes to reducing the labor cost.

Working principle:

When the broken stone material was pulled into the drum of the trommel screen, it works based on the centrifugal force and jigging effect of rotary drum, and then the materials were screen out by the screen with different mesh one by one. On the one hand, the sieve can be used to sift through the self-weight of the material, and the three connecting shafts in the sieve are higher than the screen, which can make up the bulk material. On the other hand, the large size stone is moving forward along the incline of the roller, after that, it is gradually screened out by the screen with different mesh. The material smaller than the size of sieve hole is dropped from the sieve hole. Then it finished the whole screening process.


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