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Common Senses on Lubrication System of Symons Crushers

2017/12/13 admin

Lubrication system is an indispensable device for each stone crusher machinery. Only the good lubrication condition can ensure the smooth completion of symons crushers work. Here are nine common senses users need to know about the lubrication system of Symons cone crushers.

1. Lubricating oil enters the symons crushers in two ways.

The first way is that lubricating oil enters to the inside and outside surface of eccentric hollow shaft, the intermediate oil hole of main shaft, bowl-type bearing from the lower oil hole of symons crushers. Then it lubricated the big&small gears and returns from the lower back-oil-hole of small bevel gear.

The second way is lubricating oil enter into the symons crushers from the hole of drive shaft rack so as to lubricate the drive bearing. It returns also through the lower back-oil-hole of small bevel gear as well as the oil return hole on dust cover. The lubricating oil flows back to the oil tank through a separate pipe.

2. Keep the lubricating oil warm in winter

If there isn't the heating equipment in the workshop in winter, in order to make Symons cone crushers work properly, the oil tank is equipped with a resistance heater to improve the lubricating oil temperature.

During the winter, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent the lubricating oil in the oil tank and oil pipeline from freezing. Symons crushers should do the regular empty rotation. When necessary, we can use the resistance heater inside the oil tank to heat the lubricating oil.

3. Lubricating oil temperature shall not be higher than 60 ℃

Due to long-term work of symons crushers, its lubricating oil temperature may rise, but shall not be higher than 60 ℃. Otherwise, we should stop Symons cone crushers work quickly and find out the reason for clearing fault.

4. Control oil pressure

The oil pressure must reach 0.8-1.5 KGF/cm2. When the lubricating oil reaches the lubrication point, the main motor of symons crushers can be started. When the oil pressure is lower than 0.8 KGF/cm2, the electrical control system will send out the signal. At this time, we should immediately stop feeding materials, find out the causes then handle them.

5. The limit of water which entering the heat exchanger

The water in the heat exchanger should be clean. Its pressure is generally for 2-3 KGF/cm2. The water temperature must be less than 28.

6. Conduit cleaning of the lubrication system

When cleaning the conduit of lubrication system, we should check the place where the sediment and dirt are, such as the bend location of pipe. Then according to the inspection, we can determine to clean the entire oil duct or only the part.

7. Oil level in the oil receiver

When the lubricating system of Symons cone crusher is not working, the oil level in oil receiver should reach the upper limit. While the lubricating system is working, the oil level of oil receiver shall not be lower than the lower limit.

8. Keep the filter clean

After replacing the new lubricating oil, when symons crushers have worked for five days, we should clean the filter device to always keep the filter clean.

9. Inspection frequency

Inspection of oil pump is not less than once a year. The pressure gauge should be checked once half a year. The inspection, cleaning, and repair of the oil tank are not less than once a year.

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