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How to Operate Symons Cone Crushers Correctly?

2017/12/8 admin

Do you have the top-notch quality symons crushers? Have you mastered the correct symons cone crusher operation method? Even if we have bought the excellent symons crushers, we don't know the right operational approach. It is not possible for us to avoid the frequent failure occurrence and low yield of equipment. Thus, the pursuit of high efficiency is inseparable from the proper operation.

What are the correct methods to operate the symons crushers? We can learn from the following aspects.

1. Check before starting

Check whether the spring tightness of Symons cone crushers is suitable;

The driving belts can't be too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, it can cause the rotation of transmission shaft to be inflexible. If too loose, it will cause the symons crushers to be hard shutdown.

Check the wear condition of crushing cavity, fixed cone and moving cone of symons crushers. If the abrasion is too serious, we should replace them immediately so as not to affect the normal operation of spring cone crushers.

2. Evenly feed right materials

At the beginning of the symons crushers' production, don't put too large-sized material into equipment in case the excessive vibration. What's more, the materials should be sent into the crushing cavity through feeding machines and mustn't feed them into the symons crushers chamber directly. Otherwise, they are easy to break the crusher's cavity due to the high steepness, so that symons crushers cannot have normal production.

3. Inspect regularly during symons crushers production

When symons crushers are working, professional operators should inspect the conditions around the equipment. For example, to listen whether there is noise in symons crushers, to watch whether the equipment appears the strong vibration. If there is, stop the equipment running and check them out immediately.

It is a special reminder that we should strengthen the inspection of bearing. To see whether the bearing is too hot, whether it is well lubricated, and whether the lubricating oil is appropriate. If there is some abnormality, we should deal with it in time.

4. Follow correct order to stop production

When symons crushers are ready to stop the crushing work, the feeding system should be stopped first. After all the materials in the crushing cavity are discharged, we can stop the motor and equipment running so as to avoid symons crushers clogging. Finally, turn off the power.

5. Do a good job of maintenance after stopping production

After stopping the Symons cone crusher production, we should carefully check whether the equipment parts are worn or damaged. If yes, repair or replace them immediately.

Moreover, clean up the inside and outside of equipment. Then coat the lubricating oil on the parts that need to be lubricated. Tighten the loose bolts or other spare parts.

The above points are about how to operate symons crushers correctly. We hope every operator will follow the correct manual and maintain the equipment regularly, to strive to reduce the incidence of equipment failure to a minimum. Ultimately, the productivity of our symons crushers will be improved and they can make handsome profits for us.

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