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HP Series Bauxite Cone Crusher

HP Series Bauxite Cone Crusher Delivered to Brazil

2017/12/7 admin

Today, one HP200 bauxite hydrocone crusher with the productivity of 3000 tons per day has been packaged already and will be shipped to Brazil.

Bauxite mining in Brazil

When our staff receives the email from this customer in Brazil, one of the principal demands is that he wants to improve his product grain shape. Because there are too many flake particles in the products produced by his existing bauxite crushing production line. Therefore, after multiple considerations and online consultation, he decides to purchase a hp cone crusher from our company for further reshaping the product particles.

Sincerely,we hope that our hydrocone crusher will bring you more convenient and efficient production experience, and produce excellent bauxite particles for you.

Most notable advantages of hp cone crusher compared with other stone crushers

1. More excellent product particles

The product produced by hp cone crusher is in uniform and cubic shape. It is very suitable for users demanding great particles shape to purchase.

2. Higher-degree automation and less failure

Hp cone crusher is configured with PLC automatic control system, so its degree of automation is higher than that of other crushers. Hydrocone crusher has the ability to overload protection, which can reduce the failure rate in production so as to keep the production process of hp cone crusher smoother.

3. Ultra-strong crushing force

Hydrocone crusher adopts the crushing principle of laminating with ultra-strong crushing ability. So, hp cone crusher is the optimum crushing equipment for processing high-hardness materials. It has more prominent advantages in crushing basalt, granite, diabase, and limestone.

How does HP cone crusher process bauxite?

Graphically speaking, the inside of cone crusher actually has two under-cut big bowls . Bauxite is crushed and smashed between the bowl surfaces of two "bowls". The fixed big bowl is the fixed cone and the rotating "big bowl" is called the movable cone of hp cone crusher.

When hp cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric shaft turning through driving the horizontal axis and a pair of umbrella-shaped gears. Then the shaft axis of moveable cone is doing the rotational motion driven by the eccentric shaft. After the bauxite material is sent from the feeding inlet into the crushing chamber of cone crusher, it is processed because it suffers the mutual impacting, squeezing and grinding of fixed cone and movable cone.

For more information on HP cone crusher, please view this page http://www.miningftm.com/products/crushing/cone-crushers/hp-series-multi-cylinder-hydraulic-cone-crusher/

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