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Notes for the lubrication of cone Crusher

2017/7/17 admin

Cone crusher is an important equipment for the stone pit. According to incomplete statistics, the mechanical failure of the cone crusher due to improper lubrication is as high as 30% of all faults. This shows that lubrication maintenance is particularly important for cone crushers. So how does a cone crusher lubricate? Our engineers express an opinion:

Lubrication system

All the running surfaces of cone crusher shall sustain huge pressure and the running speed is high, so that regular lubrication has great significance to ensure normal work of the crusher. This machine adopts mid-cyclic lubrication

The lubricating grease of the thin oil station goes into the crusher in two separate paths

(1) One path is through the oil feed hole of the tap cover of the pedestal, the oil goes to the bottom of the machine and then to the disk of the bearing. through the middle hole of the main shaft to the bowl-shaped bearing and the bevel gear, and flows back to the oil box from the machine hole of the bottom of the small bevel gear.
(2) The other path is that the oil goes in from the oil pipe of the transmission shaft frame to lubricate the bearing on both ends of the transmission shaft, and flows back to the oil box from the oil return hole of the dust cap of the shaft frame and the bottom of the bradawl

To make sure that the crusher can get sufficient lubrication in the running process, lubrication system and the main engine, the equipped feeding machine and the conveyor machine adopt electric interlock. Before starting the main engine, first open the oil pump, otherwise the main motor cannot be started. W hen the oil pump stops and the oil pressure decreases below 0.05 MPa or the oil temperature exceeds 60C, a signal will be sent out and at the same time, stop the operation of the main engine of the feeding machine to protect the spare parts from being damaged.

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