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Notes for Personnel Safety of Cone Crusher

2017/7/17 admin

"The Cone crushers  is main equipment of stone crushing industrial. How to ensure the safety of personnel during the working process of cone crusher?  ---- from Basab Choudhuri"

----Answered by Mr. Li, Product Engineering Manager, Cone Crusher Group:
Thank you for your question , I share you some notes for this problem below, please follow the following principle:

1.Operation and maintenance personnel safety must be top priority. For those who work on the device, these paragraphs are useful and instructive instructions, as well as some of the problems that are often encountered in daily work.

2. The operator is responsible for understanding the specific rules, the precautions to be noted, and the presence of a dangerous area. When using the device, all personnel must use the same operating procedures to ensure the safety of the operation. Good safe operating habits, not only to protect the people around you, but also the best way to protect yourself.

3. Operator is the key to achieve security work, we must learn safety instructions, understand the basic safety precautions to prevent serious injuries and damage to the equipment.

4. In order to ensure your safety, please find the necessary protective equipment such as helmets, safety shoes, safety glasses, safety goggles, gloves, ear protection and so on, and wear.

5. Never drink before work and during work. Be careful about drugs such as a stabilizing agent, which can make you fall asleep, or lower your vigilance.

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