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How Will the Maintenance of Impact Crusher Be Carried Out?

2017/7/17 admin

A Henan Fote Machinery customer asks:

"How will the maintenance of impact crusher be carried out?"

Answered by Mr. Wu Product Engineering Manager, Impact Crusher Group:

It's common knowledge that In order to maintain the equipment in a good work order, it's necessary to carry out routine maintenance. General maintenance and inspection works have to be done by appropriately trained personnel. There is some advice for you, please observe the following dos and don'ts:

1. Customers should establish operational regulations and maintenance systems for this machine; set special person to take charge of machine and train for repairers and operators; fully master the principle, structure and repair knowledge.

2. Infuse about 50g 3# Molybdenum disulfide lithium-based grease for both bearings each day; check and wash every half a year.

3. For the first set of plate hammer, check the abrasion situation after one week; and set the maintenance period; reverse the other end for using when one side of plate hammer abrades to half. Plate hammer must be opened for checking within the former 15 days to avoid over abrasion.

4. Change when the impact hammer and lining plate abrades less than 10mm thick

5. Surfacing weld on the wear-resistant layer for square plate when it broken; customers can adopt TDL wearable welding rod supplied by our company or use welding rod with rigidity over HRC55.

6. Overhaul checking contents: wear-resistant parts, linearity of main shaft, motor insulation, bearing radial clearance, circuitry and cable

7. Medium repair checking contents: bearing and wear-resistant parts.

8. Minimal repair checking contents: bolts, firmware, V-belts, and the abrasion condition of wear-resistant parts.

9. When output granularity become bigger caused by the abrasion of plate hammer, the bolts on the adjusting device should be adjusted to push the impact plate inward to decrease the clearance between impact plate (orto adjust as per the required output granularity), Keep the clearance about 30mm.

10. Always check all the anchoring bolts and replace the abrade ones and fasten the loosen ones. Replace the anchoring bolts on the impact plate regularly according to abrasion situation.
Thank you for your question!

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