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How to Operate Small Jaw Crusher and How it Works?

2017/8/15 admin

"How to operate this small jaw crusher and how it works?"

----- from Mr.Pan

Answered by Mr. Yang Quanzhong ------ Technical Engineer of FTM Mining Machinery

How it works ?

The small jaw crusher is easier to run than a large one. The eccentric shaft do rotational movement driven by the small jaw crusher motor, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate get close to and move away from each other periodically. During the processing, the raw materials will be pulled out through the small jaw crusher discharge after extruding and pulverizing.

Small jaw crusher operation precautions

1. The security protection work should be done before starting the small jaw crusher.

2. Make sure it is working properly before pulling the raw materials into the jaw crusher chamber.

3. Make sure the temperature of bearings is less than 40 ℃ after small jaw crusher runs for few hours.

4. Make sure that the jaw plate does not shift during the small jaw crusher working

5. Feeding must be uniform, not too much or too little

6. Do not spy on the small jaw crusher feed port to prevent people from the flying material

7. Keep the bolts and nuts fastened to the small jaw crusher frame when do daily maintenance.

There are many operating procedures and precautions, our staff will contact you to answer your questions in detail, thank you for your trust, we are ready to serve you!

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